Farewell to Winter menu
Indulge in a hearty meat and potatoes meal before spring has sprung!

Part one:  As you bid good-bye to the cold, say Hello, Holy Rollers! (that’s a bourbon and white port cocktail, not a devotional suggestion) and then ladle out bowls of rich and velvety mushroom soup. Float crisp blue cheese croutons on top to accentuate the soup’s earthy funk.

Part two: Grill thick rib-eye steaks to rosy perfection (or pan-sear if it’s still too cold to head outside), and crown them with a knob of parsley-garlic butter. Serve with golden accordion baked potatoes and tender sauteed spinach.

Part three: Finish this simple yet decadent meal with an intense, practically truffley chocolate mousse. Scented with orange liqueur and shot through with fine chocolate shards, it’s an elegant way to bid winter farewell!

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Recipes from Serious Eats, CHOW.com, Bon Appetit, Shockingly Delicious, Gilt Taste & Food52, all found at www.edamam.com.

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